Corpus linguistics

My most recent new linguistic discovery is that of corpus linguistics. This was an extremely confusing concept for me to grasp at first, as it’s a branch of linguistics I’d never even heard of before! A corpus is a finite body of text in computer-readable form. Corpus linguistics allows us to analyse a corpus using a concordancer. The concordancer we have been taught to use is Antconc
print screen

This can be a fascinating – and confusing – topic to study. It has many purposes beyond simple analysis. It can be used in language learning and teaching for demonstrating grammar, vocab, idioms and context. Right now I’m doing a project in which I will investigate the difference between the two German verbs machen and tun. I’ll compare its usage in my chosen corpus (SACODEYL) with how it’s taught in a grammar book. I’ll be sure to report back once I’ve figured it out myself. 🙂




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